Tremont Sheldon P.C. Representing Victims of Sexual Abuse at the Rogers Elementary School in Stamford, CT

Since 2013 our office has represented former students of the Rogers Elementary School in Stamford, CT who were sexually abused by their gym teacher, Robert Martinez. Martinez taught at the school from 1972 to 1982 before moving on to take a position with the Stamford Board of Education as an administrative intern. Our office presently represents five victims of Martinez who were sexually abused by him from approximately the fall of 1975 to the spring of 1981. In addition, we have been contacted by many other students who tell stories of being abused by Martinez but who for a variety of reasons have chosen not to initiate litigation.

Martinez used two primary techniques to get the children alone. First, he would ask the classroom teachers if the children could come down to the gym for extra gym time. This would be presented as a “reward” to the child. Secondly, Martinez would ask the classroom teacher if the student could stay after gym class to help put equipment away. Once the child was alone with Martinez, he could be brought into Martinez’ private office to be molested.

In addition, many former students have called our office to report how visibly affectionate Martinez would be with the boy students. Martinez would sit on the floor with the boys in his lap and rub them. Many students reported Martinez putting his hands inside the shirts of boys and rubbing their chests and nipples. Students have reported that Martinez would do this during gym class in front of all of the children. In addition, he would rub the backs of the children as they waited for dismissal onto their school bus.

It is our claim that the Stamford Board of Education was negligent when it came to Mr. Martinez. Despite so many warning signs, Martinez was allowed to have unfettered access to the children during the school day at Rogers. Because of that negligence, children have endured a lifetime of suffering.

Child sexual abuse is awful. All of us, but most importantly our teachers, have a duty to watch and protect our children from sexual predators.

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