Did a Doctor or Medical Professional Sexually Abuse You?


Doctors, nurses and other staff many times have unsupervised interaction with patients. Similar to teachers, coaches and clergy, they have a duty to protect the patients who are under their care. Sometimes these medical professionals use their position and access to harm the very individuals who are under their care.

Doctors and other medical professionals who violate the Hippocratic Oath by sexually assaulting patients must be stopped and held responsible. Hospitals and facilities who allow abuse to continue must also be held responsible.

At Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney P.C. in Bridgeport, our attorneys help victims seek compensation. Nothing can undo what was done, but pursuing recovery can help survivors of abuse to close the door on the abuse they experienced so they can move on with their lives.

Abuse Can Happen to Anyone at Any Time

There is no one profile that describes a victim of physician or medical professional abuse. Victims can range in age from infants/toddlers to the elderly. The abuse itself may also be varied. Doctors or nurses may speak to them in sexually inappropriate ways, expose themselves to patients and/or make contact by groping or penetrating a patient.

Challenges to Reporting Abuse

If it happened once, it is likely to happen again. Victims sometimes try to avoid confrontation by reasoning that the abuse only occurred one time or by telling themselves they are likely the only victim. The reality is that abuse is seldom an isolated incident. Abusers typically repeatedly abuse patients.

Patients may be confused about what happened or even embarrassed. Often, patients fear not being believed and may even be intimidated by their abusers if they confront them.

These fears are not entirely unfounded. Medical boards and officials often allow physicians to continue practicing after allegations of abuse arise. Instead of revoking a physician’s license, they suspend it for a period of time or put limited restrictions on practicing. Hospitals and medical clinics do not always report sexual abuse to law enforcement. Instead, they quietly dismiss offending physicians.

It is important that victims of doctor sexual abuse have a strong advocate by their side who can help them.

We Hold Doctors, Nurses and Staff Accountable for Sexual Abuse of Children

One such hospital sexual abuse case was Dr. George Reardon, a physician at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, who sexually abused hundreds of children in the hospital during his growth study examinations. Approximately 60,000 pornographic images of children were found in the wall of his former home. This case is extremely significant not only due to the number of images and victims, but also because of the decision of Connecticut’s Supreme Court.

On July 16, 2013, Connecticut’s highest court released the landmark decision of Tim Doe v. St. Francis Hospital. Tim Doe was sexually abused from 1968 to 1972, as a boy, by Dr. George Reardon, a physician at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of Tim, and we tried the case in 2011 to a jury that awarded Tim $2.75 million against the hospital. Tim’s joy was short-lived as the hospital filed an appeal. However, after waiting almost two years, the Supreme Court affirmed Tim’s victory.

This Supreme Court decision is significant not only for Tim but for all people who have been sexually abused. In the decision, the court found that any employer, including a hospital, can be held responsible where one of its employees sexually abuses a child and the employer should have known what was going on. In addition, the court affirmed that when a company, a school, a church or anyone else has custody of a child, it must take steps to protect the child from harm. It is not enough for the employer to say, “I did not know my employee was sexually abusing children.” Steps have to be taken by the employer to protect that child.

Our History Representing Victims of Sexual Abuse

We could not be happier about the decision as it brings added protection to children to prevent them from being sexually abused. Twenty years ago, Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney P.C. became one of the first firms in Connecticut to represent victims of sexual abuse, and since that time, we have represented well over 150 victims. By taking Tim’s case all the way to the Supreme Court and prevailing, we continue to be a leader in the field of representing victims. However, we are also making the world safer for all of our children.

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