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Women collects $400,000 in settlement for eye injury at local spa

Individuals in Connecticut do not expect to be hurt when they receive services from a spa. At Tremont Sheldon P.C. we advocate for victims of negligence and help our clients find the best road to recovery.

A recent settlement is an example of the advocacy we provide for our clients. Our client went to the now-closed Fairfield Day Spa for an eyebrow wax. The employee got into an argument with another customer while applying wax to our client’s eyebrow, which resulted in spilling hot wax into her eye.

She ended up with hot wax in her eye, leaving her with permanent scarring in her eye. She continues to suffer from pain, light sensitivity, and her eye is often filled with tears.

Our firm was able to negotiate a settlement for $400,000 to help cover medical and future expenses due to her permanent eye injury.