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Injured while driving for work?

While most of us drive to work, many people also drive for work, including sales consultants, real estate agents, delivery drivers, taxi drivers and truck drivers. What happens when they get in a vehicle accident while driving for their job?

This can be a complex issue, so you will likely want to speak with an experienced attorney to learn your right to workers' compensation and third-party lawsuits.

Legal protections for victims of medical malpractice

Unfortunately, when a medical condition is not diagnosed, it can result in death which can have a devastating impact on the surviving families. A failure to diagnose, failure to timely diagnose or misdiagnosis can have serious consequences which is why victims and their families must be familiar with their legal protections.

This blog recently discussed a doctor's duty of care. If a doctor, hospital or other medical care professional provides negligent care that results in harm to the patient, they may be liable to compensate the victim or their family for the damages they have suffered. Victims and their families may be able to recover compensation for personal injury or wrongful death including medical expenses, lost wages, lost-earning capacity and pain and suffering damages, among others.

Dog bite law basics in Connecticut

When it comes to dog bites, many people may not know that Connecticut is a strict liability state. That means the dog owner is liable for the injuries that result from a dog bite even if the owner did not know that their animal would injure someone. This means even if the owner truthfully says 'my dog is very friendly and has never bitten anyone before', they can still be found legally liable for the injuries their dog causes.

The first point to keep in mind is that there is a time limit during which the premises liability claim involving a dog bite must be filed. If the case is not filed in court within two years of suffering the dog bite, the statute of limitations runs out and the case is probably not going to be entertained in court, even if he cause of action was a real one. The statute of limitations begins to run from the date of the injury.

What is a doctor's duty of care?

When a Connecticut resident is unwell and needs medical attention, he or she goes to a doctor and expects the medical professional to exercise their duty of care when attending to them. But what is this duty of care-what does this term mean and what does it entail?

Firstly, it is important to know that doctors owe a duty of care only to their patients. Once this parent-physician relationship is established, the doctor's duty is to take care of them according to the degree of skill, care and diligence that they possess or possessed by reasonably competent physicians in the same or similar circumstances. The circumstances refer to the area of medicine the doctor practices in, the locality the doctor practices in and the accepted practices there and the exigent circumstances surrounding the medical treatment. Skill and expertise often have to be established with the help of expert testimony from other physicians who have similar training and experience as the doctor in question.

Foreseeability as a factor in a premises liability case

People like to think about the future and how they will achieve all of their ambitions and goals. They may imagine the careers that they will reach or the amazing homes or cars that they will buy when they are more financially stable. When looking ahead, though, Connecticut residents rarely anticipate the harm their actions may cause others or the difficulties they may encounter.

Looking ahead, however, is often a component that courts consider in personal injury cases. For example, in premises liability cases, it is not uncommon for claims to turn on whether it was foreseeable for a property owner to expect that a particular visitor on their land would be harmed in a particular way. The foreseeability of an injury-causing accident may be an important part of a victim's case for their damages.

Nursing home residents have rights under the law

Moving from one's own home into a residential nursing home or care facility can be a difficult step for a Bridgeport resident and their family. As previously discussed on this legal blog, there are a number of things that families should look for when such a move becomes a necessity. However, once they have settled their loved one into their new home, that individual has important rights to be treated fairly and with respect.

For example, nursing home residents may not be isolated for kept away from their friends and families. They cannot be prevented from spending time with other residents of their facilities or from retaining possession of their own things.

What do you need to know about premises liability?

Many people in Connecticut may not realize it, but when they purchase real estate they are taking on a legal duty to others when it comes to the presence of visitors on their property. When injuries occur to another person on the property, the injured victim may be able to pursue a claim under "premises liability" law.

So, what do our readers need to know about premises liability law? Well, for starters, it is important to understand that the legal duty that a property owner has to other people is based on the "status" of the visitor to the property. If the visitor is an "invitee" to the property, that means that the property owner has specifically invited the person onto the property, whatever the reason may be. It is to this classification of visitor that the property owner owes the highest legal duty and may be held liable if that invitee suffers an injury while on the property.

Medical malpractice is common -- know how to fight it

No one in Connecticut expects to leave a doctor's office or hospital worse off than when they went in. We all expect to receive the very best care from doctors and healthcare professionals who are held to the highest standards. Unfortunately, our readers know that this isn't always the case. Medical malpractice is frighteningly common in America, and Connecticut is not exempt.

Connecticut residents who are injured or who see their illnesses become worse due to medical malpractice often decide to take action. But, the reality is that medical malpractice cases can be complex. After all, not all of us are as trained as the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who deal with medical treatment every day. As a result, medical malpractice cases can involve many expert witnesses who can explain what the standard of care is in any given case, what the treatment of the patient should have entailed and how the defendant in the case erred.

Two children injured in hit-and-run accident, one driver arrested

Any type of car accident can be concerning for all parties involved, but a hit-and-run accident introduces a whole other element to the situation. As required by law, all parties are obligated to remain at the scene when an accident occurs, so that law enforcement officials can document the appropriate information about the car accident and who was potentially at fault. In a hit-and-run, the situation becomes more complex.

Take, for example, a recent crash in Connecticut, in which a 32-year-old man caused an accident on June 16. According to the reports, the collision occurred during the evening hours, when the man swerved his vehicle in traffic and struck another vehicle, which was being driven by a mother who had her two children with her.

What should I do after a car accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, you may wonder what to do after it to protect yourself. There are important and valuable steps that you can take following a car accident to help ensure that you are protected down the road.

The first important step to take, though the time period immediately following a car accident can be understandably emotional and chaotic, is to remain at the scene. The next step is to evaluate yourself and passengers for injuries and medical needs and to promptly seek any medical treatment or care that is needed. It is also important to contact the police who are able to assist with the accident but will also write a report of the accident which can useful if the decision to bring a personal injury claim for damages is later made.

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