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Fatal car accident leads to settlement for victim's family

A long and, no doubt, heartbreaking journey for a car accident victim's family came to an end recently when, according to reports, the family reached a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit that was filed in Connecticut. The reports indicate that the lawsuit was based on a rear-end collision that occurred on Interstate 91 in 2016.

The car collision reportedly occurred when the driver of a SUV rear-ended a pickup truck. As the collision unfolded, the pickup truck slammed into a guardrail and then flipped over. The 42-year-old driver of the pickup truck died as a result. The SUV, which was owned by a non-profit entity, was driven by a woman who was an "acquaintance" of the director of the non-profit. That woman was arrested in the aftermath of this deadly collision when it was determined that she was under the influence of cocaine and heroin at the time of the crash.

Connecticut State Police trooper struck and killed on interstate

By now many of our readers have probably seen the news that a Connecticut State Police trooper, who was a 19-year veteran officer, was struck and killed on March 29 when his vehicle was rear-ended by a semi-truck on Interstate 84. It was a tragedy that, at this point, is still under investigation. The initial reports do not have many details as to how or why the semi-truck struck the officer's vehicle.

The 49-year-old victim was also a veteran of the Marine Corps. He is survived by a 13-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter. His funeral was held on April 6, and police officers from around the country were in attendance.

The aftermath of a catastrophic injury in a car accident

Not all auto accidents cause injuries. But, the ones that do can leave the victims of the car accident with catastrophic injuries that require days, weeks or even months of hospitalization and medical treatment. Victims in this type of situation are likely thinking one overriding thought: What do I do now?

It is a valid question. The aftermath of a catastrophic injury suffered in a car accident can leave victims searching for many different answers: How did the accident happen? Who caused it? How much money will I owe in medical bills? How will I earn money if I'm injured and can't return to work right away? Oftentimes, it likely seems like there are more questions than answers for these injured victims.

Safety concerns for people riding bicycles this spring

For Connecticut residents who are looking forward to going for a bicycle ride now that spring weather is starting to arrive, there are some important safety concerns to be aware of. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps track of detailed statistics about bicycle safety in America, and some of these statistics can point out trends that bicyclists should be sure to know.

For starters, although it may sound obvious, in any collision involving a motor vehicle and a bicyclist, it is the bicyclist who is most likely to suffer injuries, or even fatality. Bicyclists, despite the rising use of bicycle helmets, have relatively little safety gear that can minimalize the effects of being struck by a car. As a result, bicyclists who are hit by motor vehicles often suffer broken bones, concussions and even spinal injuries.

Will drivers be on the lookout for pedestrians this spring?

Spring is in the air in Connecticut and throughout the country, which means more people will be getting outside to walk, jog or bike for exercise and transportation needs. While it can feel great to get out and enjoy the warming weather this spring, the sad reality is that the coming of spring also means more pedestrians will be injured in car collisions. Will this spring be any different? Will drivers finally be on the lookout for pedestrians this year?

Despite some of the best efforts of governmental and non-profit entities, there doesn't seem to be much of a rise in awareness among drivers about the danger that automobiles present to pedestrians on the streets and highways of Connecticut. In fact, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that in one recent year - 2015 - the number of pedestrians who died in collisions with motor vehicles actually increased.

Tips for preventing a bicycle accident this spring

Do you plan on riding your bicycle quite a bit this spring? Are you excited about doing so, but concerned about being part of an accident at some point, since you see them all the time in the news or in the paper?

There is little more enjoyable than riding your bicycle in the warm weather, especially after being cooped up inside all winter long.

Pedestrian accidents: Are you familiar with the common causes?

With the spring season here, more and more of our Connecticut readers will be spending time outdoors. For example, some people will walk to and from work as opposed to driving their car, if they are fortunate enough to be close to where they work. Others will spend more time riding their bikes.

While there is nothing more enjoyable than spending time outdoors, especially after a long winter, you need to remember one thing: Your safety should always come first.

Consider your options after an injury caused by a drunk driver

Car "accidents" happen all the time in Connecticut and throughout the country, but the reality is that these "accidents" are, more often than not, the fault of one of the drivers involved in the wreck. One of the most dangerous concerns that Connecticut resident might encounter on the roads is a drunk driver.

Drunk drivers have already made one big mistake - they decided to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. But, unfortunately, that usually is not the final mistake they will make. Drunk drivers have slower reaction times and, sometimes, blurred vision, which obviously makes the competent operation of a motor vehicle harder. Sadly, this means that drunk drivers cause a great many car accidents in Connecticut.

Connecticut nursing homes fined after injuries

Previous posts here have warned about the potential danger that is present for elderly Connecticut residents who live in nursing homes. While the vast majority of nursing homes and their staff members are attentive and careful to provide for residents' needs, the unfortunate reality is that there will always be some that cross the line. According to a recent report, that is exactly what the authorities in Connecticut discovered in six nursing homes that were fined for injuries and endangerment to residents.

The recent report noted that one of the six nursing homes was fined $3,900 in the aftermath of a resident developing a "severe pressure ulcer." The investigation into this incident revealed that the resident was not provided with the appropriate type of mattress by the nursing home. The same nursing home had previous violations earlier this year as well, for which it was also fined.

Tips for reducing distracted driving in Connecticut

Several previous posts here have noted how dangerous distracted driving can be on the roadways in Connecticut. Each year, thousands of people are injured or killed in car accidents caused by this reckless conduct. To try to help every driver on the roads, a recent article had some tips for drivers to reduce distracted driving.

For starters, one of the most simple of solutions is for drivers to put away their cellphones, preferably someplace out of reach, while they operate a motor vehicle. Of course, this is probably easier said than done for most drivers. As in all things, many people have a "It won't happen to me" attitude when it comes to distracted driving. They think they are the ones who will be able to engage in this conduct without presenting a danger to others. In reality, everyone makes mistakes from time to time. To be on the safe side, put the phone out of reach so you won't be tempted.

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