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Dog Bites: How to Spot the Warning Signs

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People should know the warning signs that a dog is about to attack in order to avoid becoming a dog bite victim.

Many people in Connecticut and across the country are naturally drawn to dogs, and instantly reach out to pet them when approached by friendly canines. Unfortunately, not all dogs are friendly, and some can even attack people when they are scared, sick or aggravated. Dog bites can cause excruciating pain, nerve damage, infection and other serious problems to unsuspecting victims. People who are able to identify the preliminary signs of a dog attack may just be able to avoid becoming bitten and/or otherwise injured.

Identifying the Physical Signs

Before dogs bite, they often give verbal and physical cues warning people to stay away. According to, nervous dogs will change their facial expressions to show intensity, discomfort, pain and/or fear. Dogs may show their teeth, lick their chops or even look away quickly and avoid eye contact just before striking. It isn’t unusual for an aggravated canine to change their stance and posture. For example, a dog may suddenly become stiff, tuck its ears flat against its head, cower or even tuck its tail between its legs.

Other signs that canines may give include:

• Growling, fierce barking and/or whining

• Lunging and jumping

• Intense eye contact

• Fur standing up along their back and neck

• Stiffly wagging the tail back and forth

People should be extremely cautious around unfamiliar dogs, as well as their own canines when they are acting out of character, as reported by

People who receive dog bites should seek help from a physician as soon as possible. A number of infections and diseases can come from dog bites, and so it is crucial that dog bite victims get proper medical attention. Large medical expenses, physical pain and emotional trauma are not the only repercussions that stem from dog bite incidents. People may be forced to stay home from work while they recover or have permanent scars as a result of a vicious dog attack.

Dealing With the Aftermath of a Dog Bite

If you have been bitten by a dog in Connecticut, you may want to speak with an attorney about your legal options and rights. Dog owners are subject to certain laws in Connecticut and must keep their dogs under control at all times. Whether you have had to undergo surgical procedures to repair the damage caused by a dog attack or you have missed work because of a dog bite injury, a lawyer may offer essential information that will help with your case. Call 203-212-9075 or contact us online for a free consultation.



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