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Can I file a civil suit if there is a criminal case for sexual abuse?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Sexual Abuse |

If you or your child becomes the victim of sexual abuse, there are a number of options available for contacting law enforcement or specialized organizations to ensure that you get the help you need and that your abuser sees justice.

You also have the right to pursue monetary compensation for your suffering, but this entails filing a separate civil lawsuit against the abuser. Understanding the civil suit process and the damages you might recover can help you make the best decisions after you or a loved one suffers from the criminal act of sexual abuse.

Filing a civil lawsuit after suffering sexual abuse

There is a criminal case for sexual assault if an individual acts with the intent to cause harmful or offensive sexual damage against another. You can file a civil suit against the perpetrator of such a criminal act.

Recovering compensation in a civil lawsuit

If the court finds the party in question liable for the damages you or your child suffer as a result of sexual abuse, that individual has the obligation to pay the court-ordered compensation to you from their own personal assets. Keep in mind that you might not receive the full amount you deserve in the near term if the guilty party does not have the assets to cover the full damages recognized by the court.

When there is a criminal case for sexual abuse, you can likely pursue a successful civil suit especially if the law already recognizes the individual as guilty. This gives you the best chance at receiving monetary compensation for your family’s pain and suffering, even if the guilty party cannot pay the full amount ordered.



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