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Connecticut Overdosing and Wrong Medication

When you placed your parent, spouse or other loved one into a nursing home or long-term care facility, you assumed that he or she would receive the care he or she needs from compassionate professionals. You assumed the focus would be on what is in your loved one’s best interest, rather than what is expedient.

Overdosing and the Use of Wrong Medications Is Far Too Common

Unfortunately, that assumption turns out to be wrong for far too many people in Connecticut. Overmedication and overdosing is becoming a more common problem, with our state ranking in the top four nationally for administering antipsychotic drugs to residents without the appropriate diagnosis, and ranking second nationwide for overall use of antipsychotic drugs.

Why Is This Happening?

This is happening as a result of understaffed facilities and laziness. It is simply easier to care for someone who is in a near comatose state as a result of medication than someone who is active and vibrant. While that may make things easier on the nursing home, it is a violation of medical ethics and places patients at risk for overdosing and other dangerous side effects, such as heart attacks and pneumonia when used in elderly patients with dementia.

Our Lawyers Are Strong Advocates for Nursing Home Residents

At Tremont Sheldon P.C., we believe that negligent behavior when it comes to prescribing and administering medication is unacceptable. If your loved one has been overmedicated or suffered an overdose, we can help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages and hold the unscrupulous individual or facility accountable.

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