Your Child’s Love Of Acting or Stage Management Should Never Lead to Sexual Abuse At A Children’s Theater Company

When your children express a love of acting or theater stage management, you want to do everything possible to help them grow their skills. You put them in a children’s theater company and put them under the care of a director. You have faith that the director will not sexually abuse them. Unfortunately, sometimes people in charge of children are predators.

When your children become part of a children’s theater company, you trust that director and other adults involved such as choreographers and technical assistants will not physically or sexually abuse them. When they do not live up to that trust, it negatively impacts your children and your family. If your children were sexually abused, call the experienced children’s theater sexual abuse attorneys at Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney P.C.

Sometimes Power Leads To Grooming

Most people who work and teach children do it for benevolent reasons. They enjoy helping children grow their skills in the arts. However, not everyone who has direct contact with children does it for the right reasons. Some of them take those jobs because it puts them in power roles over children and that allows them to groom them for a sexual relationship.

Be Aware Of The Signs Of Grooming

People who are grooming your child often demonstrate the same habits. Be aware if they:

  • Pay special attention to your child.
  • Isolate your child, involving them in fun activities that require them to be alone together.
  • Touch the child while you are with them, making them think you approve of touching.
  • Touch the child in nonsexual ways to desensitize them to touching.
  • Play games or buys special treats for the child.
  • They present themselves as a sympathetic listener.
  • Convince the child they contributed to the sexual relationship.

Call Us If Your Child Was Sexually Abused By Their Director Or Stage Manager

As a parent, you want to encourage your children to develop their talents. That often means putting them under the care of a theater director or other adult in a theater group. Call Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney at 203-212-9075 or email our Bridgeport office if a theater director or other adult working in the theater sexually abused your child.