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Understanding Dram Shop Liability in Connecticut

Bars and restaurants have an obligation when they serve alcohol to a customer to make sure that they do not serve that customer to the point of intoxication. We all know the tragic consequences of drunk driving; owners of bars and restaurants do as well. If a bar or restaurant (a “dram shop”) does “overserve” a customer who then causes an accident, the seller of alcohol can be held responsible for the injuries caused by the drunk driver.

However, in order to take advantage of this law, a very specific notice of intention to file a lawsuit must be filed with the dram shop. For an injured person, you must file notice within 120 days of the injury. If a person is killed, you must file notice within 180 days of the death. In addition, you must file the lawsuit within one year of the alcohol sale (CGS § 30-102).

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Our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys knows how to get results. Our firm was one of the first law firms in Connecticut to take a case to trial under Connecticut’s new law, which allows a bar to be held responsible for up to $250,000 to the injured person.

You have rights, and our attorneys know how to assert them in court when that will make the difference in whether you secure compensation.

In one case, we were even able to convince a jury to order a bar to pay money for our client’s injuries when our client was a passenger in the car being driven by the drunk driver. We convinced the jury the bar should be held responsible even though our client got into the car of the drunk driver.

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