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$500,000 Settlement for Car Hit at Stop Sign by Bus

Often, we meet with folks shortly after a crash, who aren’t sure if it is worthwhile pursuing legal action. Yet, many times, a person’s injuries are far more serious than they first realize.

It was the holidays, and our client was out with a friend delivering presents. They were in our client’s new SUV and were stopped at a stop sign in Bridgeport. As they waited, a bus on Arctic Street attempted to make a left turn onto Kossuth Street. The bus made the turn too wide and drove into the front of the SUV.

At first, they considered taking no action against the bus company. They weren’t sure if they had a case. The bus company blamed our client for the crash. Its investigator claimed that they were stopped beyond the stop sign. The bus driver thought that the car drove into the bus. The police took no enforcement action.

When the pain persisted from the accident, they decided to meet with Attorney Frank Bailey, who had represented family members in the past.

Unfortunately, their injuries were much worse than anyone first thought. Our client’s back pain intensified and she was ultimately diagnosed with a herniated disc that required surgery. Her friend’s neck pain never went away and he was found to have fractured a part of the neck called the odontoid process.

To prove that the bus company was at fault, Attorney Bailey obtained a copy of the video taken by the bus’s own cameras, which showed that the bus drove into the SUV as it was stopped behind the stop sign. Attorney Bailey deposed the bus driver, who admitted that she didn’t see the car until the bus hit it. The cases were prepared for trial.

On the eve of the trial, the cases settled for a sum over $500,000.