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$82,000 recovered in dog bit case with no insurance coverage

Tremont Sheldon P.C. successfully recovered $82,000 in a case involving a dog attack where there was no insurance coverage. In this case, the plaintiff, a young girl, was injured because of a dog attack. Attorney Timothy Ramsey filed a prejudgment remedy with the Court against the defendant owner and keeper of the dog, seeking to attach the defendant’s property so that it could not be transferred while the lawsuit was pending. Thereafter, the Court granted the attachment and scheduled the matter for trial. After a full trial, the Court entered judgment in favor of the plaintiff against the defendant. At first, it did not appear that the defendant had any assets to attach, such as a house or bank account. However, during the litigation, Tim learned that the defendant was prosecuting, and ultimately settled, a separate personal injury action arising out of a fall down incident. Ultimately, through this legal mechanism, the plaintiff was able to recover the defendant’s lawsuit settlement proceeds.