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$950,000 Settlement: Head-on Auto Collision

Joseph Hall* was coming home from work when he was struck head on by another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle admitted to falling asleep at the wheel, which caused him to cross over into Joseph’s lane of travel. The police, fire department, and ambulance were summoned to the scene, as Joseph had to be extricated from his vehicle and taken by ambulance to the hospital where he remained for a month and a half. Joseph’s family came to Tremont Sheldon P.C. immediately after the collision.

Joseph began a long and arduous course of rehabilitation, including extensive physical therapy and occupational therapy following surgeries to his eye, leg, and neck. Joseph, who was 58 at the time of the collision, had worked a number of years as an assembler in a factory and was never able to go back to work. The insurance company representing the driver who struck Mr. Hall would not voluntarily disclose insurance coverage and as a result, within two months after the collision.

Following a deposition of the driver, the case was ultimately claimed to a hearing in damages, meaning that a jury need only determine the extent of money damages to award Mr. Hall as liability had already been decided in his favor by the Court. Fortunately, the other driver was well insured as Mr. Hall did not have adequate underinsured motorist protection (only $100,000). As a result of a nonbinding mediation before the Honorable Justice Santaniello, Former Connecticut Supreme Court Justice, the matter settled for $950,000 within two years of the collision.

*name has been changed