Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association Announces Pro Bono Initiative for Newtown Victims – Provides Volunteer Pro Bono Legal Services to Any Newtown or Other Affected Employee Impacted

Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association President Michael J. Walsh along with CTLA Past President Robert Sheldon, announce the formation of CT Trial Lawyers Care (CTLC). This CTLA initiative will provide volunteer pro bono legal services to any Newtown or other affected employee impacted by the Newtown tragedy and eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. No fees will be charged for the professional services of the attorney involved.

This CTLC initiative providing free legal services is consistent with the CTLA’s belief that attorneys should not be profiting in any way from this tragedy.

Founded in 1954, the CTLA and its public and professional education arm Connecticut Civil Justice Foundation (CJF) are dedicated to protecting the legal rights of Connecticut citizens and its consumers.