Hopkins School Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed By TSRM

TSRM has filed a civil lawsuit against Hopkins School in New Haven, CT for a gentleman who was sexually assaulted and abused when he was a child by Glenn Goncalo, who at one time was an intramural director and a coach at Hopkins School, a prestigious private school for grades 7-12.

The victim claims that Goncalo was allowed 24/7 access into Hopkins School, including after regular school hours and when school was not in session, and would bring minor boys, including the plaintiff, to Hopkins under the guise of using the school gym to play basketball. Afterwards, Goncalo required the boys to shower naked with him. In addition, on an overnight stay at Hopkins School, Goncalo sexually molested the plaintiff.

Goncalo committed suicide in September of 1991 while being investigated by the police on allegations of sexually assaulting another young boy at Hopkins School in 1991.

St. Lawrence School in West Haven, CT where Goncalo taught and the victim was a student at the time is also named in the suit.

According to Cindy Robinson who filed the suit, "We, again, have a situation, where an adult, in a position of trust and authority, is allowed free access to children in a school environment, without any supervision or monitoring. It is especially upsetting that Hopkins allowed Goncalo to come and go as he pleased and permitted him to bring children on school premises at all hours of the day and night ."

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