Abuse By Coaches

The relationship between a young athlete or performer and his or her coach is one of trust. Sadly, some coaches use that trust to coerce children into sexual relationships.

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Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse

The relationship between coach and an athlete or other performer is fundamentally unequal. The child looks to the coach for guidance and approval. The amount of time that a coach spends with a child in a private setting gives a potential abuser greater access to a child than other teachers. This creates an environment where sexual abuse can occur.

The relationship between coach and an athlete or other performer is fundamentally unequal, and some coaches use their position to groom children for sexual relationships. Our attorneys handle cases of sexual abuse against:

  • Coaches of football, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming and other sports teams
  • Coaches and directors of music, dance and performing arts
  • Assistant coaches and parent volunteers

Schools and other organizations responsible for sports and performing arts activities may be held accountable for sexual abuse of children in their care, even if the abuse occurred many years in the past. Our goal in pursuing these cases is both to hold those organizations accountable and to help your child receive the counseling and other services he or she needs to survive sexual abuse.

For More Information About Abuse By Coaches

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