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What back injuries may result from a fall?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Premises Liability |

Falls happen all the time and can occur in any situation. You do not even have to fall from a high position to end up with serious injuries.

One of the common results of a fall accident is an injured back. Anyone who has back issues knows this type of injury can take a long time to heal and often becomes a chronic condition. Cedars Sinai notes there are a few typical back problems that result from a fall.

Disc issues

The discs in your back are soft cushions that sit between the bones in your spine. When they move out of place or otherwise suffer injury, they can leak spinal fluid or allow the nerves to become inflamed and irritated. The pain will often not just stay in your back but move into your extremities. Sometimes, surgery is the only fix for a disc issue.

Broken bones

It is also possible to break your back. This type of injury is not always easy to fix. It can lead to injuries to the spinal cord as well. There are a variety of ways a broken back could get worse. But it is worth noting some breaks are minor and will heal with no problem. Getting medical care right after your fall will help minimize the damage and could make it much easier to heal from this type of injury.

Other issues

Not every back injury will be catastrophic, but even minor problems can cause a lot of pain and suffering for you. Bruising or strains can be just as painful as a more serious issue and can take a while to heal. You should never assume your back injury is minor, though. Seek medical care after a fall to ensure you get the right treatment to help minimize the pain and damage to your back.



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