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How to stay safe on a rideshare scooter

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Ridesharing, an arrangement that matches potential travelers with transportation opportunities, is the newest business model to hit it big. The latest incarnation in urban areas is shared vehicles, like bicycles and scooters, that you can rent with an app and use at will.

While a rideshare scooter can be impulsive and fun, it does come with its share of dangers. Follow these tips to keep yourself safe while using a rideshare scooter.

1. Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding a scooter is crucial for safety. Cracked sidewalks and potholes present unforeseeable obstacles that often result in rider injury. According to a CDC study, less than 1% of people seriously injured in rideshare scooter accidents were wearing a helmet. Nearly half of the injuries reported were head injuries, and 15% of those were traumatic brain injuries like concussions and internal bleeding.

Rideshare scooters do not have a helmet for you to use. Go the extra mile and carry your own. Using a helmet every time you ride is the best way to prevent serious injury while using a rideshare scooter.

2. Consider additional safety gear

Elbow pads and knee pads can protect vulnerable joints in case of a fall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that wearing full safety gear could prevent or reduce the severity of 60% of scooter injuries.

3. Stay alert

Do not ride a scooter if you are unable to stay alert and aware while riding. Pedestrians, traffic and hazardous pavement conditions can all easily cause an accident, especially if you are not vigilant. If you would not drive a car, do not rideshare a scooter.

Taking safety precautions can make scooter ridesharing a fun and positive experience.



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