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Prepare to avoid auto accidents this winter

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Driving safe in the winter can pose extra challenges even for experienced motorists. Winter weather demands careful attention and special preparation for your vehicle. Holiday travel poses added risks to drivers.

Learn more about driving safely as colder temperatures approach.

Preparing the vehicle

Maintain your automobile for safe driving all year. In winter, pay attention to the vehicle’s battery, wipers and fluid, coolant, tires and brakes. If you plan to outfit your car or truck with snow tires, do so before you see a storm in the forecast.

Clear snow and ice from the car before driving. Rid windows and mirrors of obstructions.

Preparing yourself

Prepare for your drive by learning the weather conditions on the route. Understand the timing of bad weather and plan your trip accordingly. Become familiar with your vehicle and learn how it performs on different types of surfaces. Allow added time for driving in inclement weather.

Preparing for an emergency

Car accidents can happen in unexpected circumstances. Prepare an emergency kit for your trunk. Keep an extra blanket in case of a breakdown in extremely cold temperatures. Jumper cables can help you or another in an emergency. Flashlights provide additional visibility at night. Flares signal other drivers of a road hazard.

Other tips

Wear your seatbelt at all times in a moving vehicle. Secure children in the appropriate restraints. Research state laws for guidance. Do not consume alcohol and drive. Refrain from electronic distractions.

Winter weather poses special challenges for the experienced driver. Prepare for road trips. Carry an emergency kit to prepare for emergencies. Be careful and avoid distractions.



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