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Slip and fall in a retail store: What are the shopper’s rights?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Premises Liability |

A slip and fall incident in a retail store can be painful. By knowing your rights in this situation, you can prevent further frustration and find justice. Being aware of what steps you can take next when you get hurt in a store is imperative.

According to FindLaw, the store owners may be liable for your injuries. It is a right for the shoppers who visit the store to have safe aisles or sidewalks that a reasonable person can walk on without slipping and falling. If there are any tripping hazards like ripped carpets, slippery floors, bad lighting, or elevator or escalator issues, then the owners or caretakers of the store are at fault. Hidden or hazardous dangers also break the laws that maintain that owners should not be negligent about safety. As an injured shopper, you may have a right to sue for financial compensation if they are in violation of that.

Once an incident has occurred, you must establish that the situation was unsafe due to a lack of attention to safety of the store. Sometimes this happens around holidays such as Black Friday or the holiday shopping season due to the high volume of traffic from people going in and out of the store. You need to prove that the store owner did know of the dangerous conditions, but did not try to actively fix the issues. Additionally, you must prove that you got hurt due to this incident and that you suffered damages directly because of your fall.

Learning more about slip and fall injuries in a retail store and what rights you have is important for any injured party.



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