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Dangerous roadways in and around New Haven and Bridgeport

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Whenever drivers take to the roads in Connecticut, they should always use caution. In some areas, though, they might want to exercise even more diligence as certain roadways in and around Bridgeport and New Haven see a greater share of car crashes.

High historic rates of crashes in certain areas increase the likelihood of a collision that could cause property damage and personal injury.

Dangerous New Haven intersections

According to a FOX 61 report, several intersections in this community have shown up on the most dangerous roads in the state. The intersection at Ella T Grasso Blvd. and Columbus Avenue shows a high incidence of motor vehicle accidents, with as many as 39 crashes in one recent year.

Quinnipiac Avenue and Foxon Blvd., also proved dangerous for drivers, with as many as 37 crashes in one year. A third intersection on Ella T Grasso Blvd., this time at the connection of Route 10 and Derby Avenue, also saw a high level of accidents. Not all accidents involved serious personal injuries, but all involved some level of property damage to the vehicles.

Hazardous Bridgeport roads

Information from ctpost showed that while accident levels rise and fall with each year, certain roadways, over and over, account for an inordinate amount of car crashes. Madison Avenue in Bridgeport begins the list, followed by Route 127 and then Park Avenue. Records indicate the top five hazardous roads in the Bridgeport area are as follows:

  • Ct-130
  • Main Street
  • Route 8
  • I-95
  • US Route 1

Many of these roadways see upwards of 200 accidents a year, with the highest levels exceeding 400 accidents each year. Authorities blame such factors as bad roadway design, weather conditions and driver error as the main causes of accidents.



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