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Doctor error worsened by psychological fear of admitting it

Medical mistakes are viewed as a major factor in people suffering a worsened medical condition and death in Connecticut. But, research is ongoing to examine every aspect to determine ways to reduce its frequency.

One problem is the failure of the medical professionals to admit to the mistake. This will compound a doctor error or error of other medical staff. For those who have been negatively affected by a medical mistake, knowing about the reluctance of medical professionals to admit they did something wrong can be a key to a case to receive compensation.

Elderly man dies in Bridgeport hit and run; driver caught

Drivers in Connecticut must keep a close eye on everything when they are out on the road. Pedestrians, particularly children and the elderly, are more vulnerable than others. When there is a car crash involving a pedestrian, there can be severe injuries or a fatality. With any outcome, the long-term problems, along with it, can span the person's entire life and extend to the family who must deal with the aftermath. A lawsuit is frequently the only method available to seek adequate compensation for everything lost in a pedestrian-auto accident.

An accident between a car and a pedestrian in Bridgeport turned into a hit and run when the driver fled the scene. In the crash, an 80-year-old man was killed as he crossed the street. He suffered severe trauma to his head, as well as to his cervical spine. He was taken to the hospital and later died.

Addressing driverless cars and a possible auto accident

Technological advances have entered every aspect of the lives of Connecticut residents and people across the nation. One that will take some getting used to is vehicles that do not require a driver. Driverless cars are on the way -- in fact, they are here. And, Connecticut is at the front of the line in making it a reality, while discussing safety measures. There are unavoidable aspects with this drastic change that must be addressed.

The laws regarding motor vehicles will need to be adjusted to account for this new world, particularly when it comes to an auto accident and the accident investigation. To be certain, there will no longer be a worry about drunk drivers with driverless vehicles. But, there are other issues that will inevitably come to the forefront.

Law Day shows attorneys are not just about compensation

There is a misplaced perception that lawyers see cases and clients in the same light and their focus: profit. But, the reality is that attorneys are pillars of the community. And, the annual Chair of Greater Bridgeport Bar's Law Day is a prime example.

By tradition, Law Day is held in the spring. For 2017, the celebration took place on May 1 at a local hotel. With a theme that changes annually, the choice for 2017 was the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

After a car accident, insurance companies usually lowball

People injured in a Connecticut car collision will often receive a settlement offer from the insurance company to preclude what can be an exponentially costly legal battle. In many of these cases, either the person will accept the offer, not realizing how badly they were injured, or they will mistakenly believe that the offer is the most they can get. For those who receive an offer and believe that it is too low, there are certain steps to take to try and decide how best to proceed.

The insurance claims adjuster is there to save as much money for the company as possible. With that, the injured person needs to conduct an analysis of the offer. The insurance company might not have all the necessary information to come to a reasonable amount. There could be a belief that the injured person was guilty of contributory negligence. Alternatively, it might be a time-tested negotiating tactic, just to see if the person takes the offer.

Understanding premises liability and slip and fall cases

Connecticut residents might not realize how quickly and suddenly a fall can take place and cause severe injuries, even death. Many times, these incidents are the fault of the property owner, who did not address a dangerous property condition, and it led to an accident. Understanding the facts when a person slipped and fell is a foundational aspect of receiving compensation through a legal filing. When a person suffers a slip and fall, it refers to many different factors and is a premises liability claim.

One of the most complicated aspects of a slip and fall case is proving the legal responsibility of the property owner. The case will frequently hinge on whether the owner acted carefully enough that a slip and fall was unlikely to occur.

Ex-Danbury Priest Removed After Sexual Abuse Allegations

The Maronite Church removed Reverend Larry Jensen, said Jason Tremont of Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney, who represents a victim sexually abused by Jensen, who was assigned to St. Anthony Maronite Church in Danbury, Connecticut and also involved in the Emmaus program. For more information please click on the following article

Auto accident with ambulance after car ran red light

Ambulances and other emergency vehicles are expected to provide care to those who have been in an accident in Bridgeport and throughout Connecticut. They do their jobs professionally and competently, but many forget that the emergency personnel are people too; and, they too can be injured in a car crash. Similarly, these people have the right to seek compensation for medical expenses and other costs, after an accident.

At around 2:30 a.m., an ambulance swerved to avoid an auto accident and hit a parked car and tree. The investigation determined that the ambulance took evasive action to avoid hitting a vehicle that had gone through a red light. The driver of that vehicle subsequently fled the scene.

Distracted driver study shows the depth of the problem

As more people have smartphones in Connecticut and across the U.S., concern is growing that drivers are not paying strict attention to the road. Distracted driving is becoming so worrisome that more and more studies are being conducted to determine how prevalent the problem really is and what can be done about it. The latest was conducted by Zendrive.

According to the site, this study is the largest distracted driving behavior study ever conducted. Over three months, it examined 3 million anonymous drivers who went on 570 million trips over 5.6 billion miles.

Texting, driving and other distractions put pedestrians at risk

Pedestrians in Connecticut and throughout the nation have always been vulnerable to injuries and death if they are hit by a motor vehicle. The number of vehicles on the road and the lack of protection that pedestrians have are factors in the damage that can be done. However, the prevalence of texting and driving and other distractions has increased the danger and number of accidents between a vehicle and a pedestrian.

Pedestrian deaths in Connecticut rose over the first half of 2016, even as attempts have been made to educate drivers on the risks of driving while distracted. There were 28 pedestrian deaths in 2016 over the first six months of the year.

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