School, Camp, Coach and Scout Abuse

Help for School, Camp, Coach and Scout Sexual Abuse Survivors

Our attorneys help kids who were abused at schools, camps, sports and scouts find healing and work to stop the abuse.

Every child in America has the right to a good education. We, as parents, trust that the teachers and staff at the schools our children attend have the best interests of our kids in mind. Almost always that is in fact the case. Tragically, however, there are a few educators who violate this trust and have sexually assaulted children. When that occurs, not only must the teacher be held responsible but also the school needs to be held responsible if it allowed the abuse to occur. We have settled a number of cases against private, parochial and public schools and are actively pursuing a case against a public high school.

Holding Teachers, Camp Counselors, Coaches and Scout Leaders Accountable for Abuse

There are few, if any, crimes more heinous than the sexual abuse of a child. Children are our most precious treasure. When an adult sexually abuses a child, not only does that adult face a long criminal penalty, but that adult may also be held financially responsible for the injuries caused to the child.

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