“We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your kindness, understanding and empathy with regards to our horrifying experiences as altar boys. It has been a very difficult few years for us to say the least. Again, thank you for your kind support and understanding.”

“I just wanted you to know your thorough and empathetic approach to our meeting was greatly appreciated. I had an increased level of anxiety prior to our meeting. This was related to my previously never having discussed these matters with a person I didn’t know to be safe/kind. You were both. Your professionalism and sympathetic manner will always be remembered.”

“There are no cards-words or beverages that can adequately express my appreciation for your efforts. I can hope that if there is ever a time that you are in need, there will be compassionate, understanding people-like yourselves-to believe in you. Paul [Tremont] would be so proud of the work that you have done.”

“Please accept our appreciation for all you have done, all the time you have spent working on the case along with all your efforts to do the best for us. We both appreciate your dedication and want to express our gratitude.”

“I would like for all of you to know how grateful I am to each of you for your time, effort and hard work representing me. There is no better law firm, in my opinion, than Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney, which is a reflection of the great group of professionals that make up the firm.”

“I just wanted to send a little note expressing my gratitude for all of your help. You both made the whole case easy for me to get through. I got through it because you saw me through it and guided me in all the right directions.”