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Workers’ Compensation Claim Settled for $275,000

Claimant was a 64-year-old laborer who had previously injured his back and undergone surgery. While working for a local municipality, he re-injured his back and had to undergo spinal fusion surgery. Unfortunately, the operation did not relieve his symptoms. He continued to experience low back pain and had difficulty doing anything that involved bending, lifting, or twisting. In the opinion of his treating neurosurgeon, he had a 20% permanent disability of his back due to this work injury and, at best, could only return to sedentary work. A physician hired by the insurance company agreed that he had a limited work capacity but felt that his impairment rating should only be 10%. In addition to obtaining payment of all of this client’s medical bills and weekly comp benefits for four years, Tremont Sheldon P.C. was able to settle his claim for a total of $275,000.