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$975,000 Awarded to Ironworker in Sideswipe Accident

A 56-year-old ironworker was involved in what he considered to be a minor sideswipe accident. When he first met with us, upon the advice of a friend, he explained that he did not believe that he needed any treatment outside his one emergency room visit for some strain in his neck. He immediately went back to work, but unfortunately his minor neck pain became unbearable as time went on. He noticed a weakness that extended into both his arms and started to experience a pins and needles sensation in his fingers. He went back to see his doctors who ordered a CT Scan which showed severe bulging and a herniated disc in his neck. By the time his case went to trial, he had undergone two spinal operations which left him unable to do heavy manual labor that he had been involved in all his life. He was ultimately awarded $975,000.