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$650,000 Awarded in Jeep Collision Accident

A middle-aged male factory worker was driving his Jeep on a rural New York State road when it collided with a car, causing him to strike his head. He was brought to an emergency hospital at the place of the accident where x-rays were taken and he was told he had no injury outside of a minor scratch or bruise. Shortly thereafter, he began to experience severe headaches which brought him to the Bridgeport Hospital Emergency Room. He became irritable and depressed. Medical bills were rising and he came to see Tremont Sheldon P.C. for help with those bills. A complete work-up of all his medical records led us to believe he was suffering from a severe brain contusion which would leave him with permanent damage. These findings were confirmed with a neuropsychological evaluation as well as sophisticated CT Scan studies. The insurance company vigorously denied that the automobile accident had anything to do with his injuries and claimed that it resulted from an anatomical problem he had from birth. Tremont Sheldon P.C. prevailed at the trial and our client was awarded $650,000.