The Connecticut Dog Bite Statute – Helping Clients Heal

In the past few years, TSRM has seen an increase in cases involving dog bites and attacks. Connecticut General Statute Section 22-357 provides that the owner/keeper of a dog is liable for the actions of his or her dog due to damage from a dog bite. The only defenses are if the victim was trespassing or tormenting or teasing the dog. It is not necessary to prove the dog had bitten before or had a propensity for violence. In the past six months, Attorney Jason Tremont has successfully resolved 4 dog bite claims totaling $550,000. Importantly, the statute is not limited to dog “bites”. For example, one of the claims above involved a plaintiff who was extremely afraid of dogs, who was caused to fall and injure her wrists when a Yorkshire Terrier chased her into the roadway. In the United States last year there were over 16,000 dog bite and other dog-related injury claims.