Tremont Sheldon P.C. Welcomes Attorney Timothy Ramsey

The Honorable Chase T. Rogers, Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, swearing in Timothy Ramsey

November 11, 2013

Tremont Sheldon P.C. Welcomes Attorney Timothy Ramsey

Tremont Sheldon P.C. is pleased to welcome Timothy M. Ramsey to the firm.

Timothy Ramsey first became associated with Tremont Sheldon P.C. in 2010 when he joined the firm as a law clerk. In November 2013, he became an associate.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Ramsey worked as a legal intern in the Trial and Administrative Law Divisions of the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, where he worked on personal injury claims brought against the state of Massachusetts. Additionally, Mr. Ramsey worked as a student prosecutor at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston, MA, where his responsibilities included overseeing all aspects of criminal cases and arguing various motions in court.

Mr. Ramsey joined Tremont Sheldon P.C., P.C. so that he, as a trial lawyer, could assist accident victims and their families. His dedication to personal injury victims continues the Tremont Sheldon P.C. tradition and legacy.

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