Connecticut Department of Transportation Report: Most Car Crashes are Rear Ends and Most Accidents Happen on Fridays

May 8, 2013

With the busy summer travel season approaching, Tremont Sheldon P.C. found some interesting facts from the 2011 Connecticut Department of Transportation report:

  • Metal beam guard rails are the most commonly hit stationary objects by moving vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Banks, ledges and rocks take second place.
  • Most Connecticut car and motor vehicle collisions (37.32 percent) are rear-ended crashes. Jack-knife crashes are the least common.
  • In 2011, Fairfield County had the most car crashes; 21,051 or 26.84 percent of all accidents
  • January was the month with the highest number of car accidents in 2011: 10,786
  • And the most car, truck, motorcycle crashes occurred on Fridays: 13,898

In addition, the cause of car and truck accidents were as follows on Connecticut roads:

  • Following too closely – 26,553 accidents – 33.85 percent
  • Failure to grant right of way – 10,595 accidents – 13.51 percent
  • Driver lost control – 9,613 accidents – 12.26 percent
  • Speed too fast for the conditions – 5,919 accidents – 7.55 percent

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