Attorney Cindy Robinson Speaks at Best We Can Be Program for High School Students

Attorney Cindy Robinson of Bridgeport, Connecticut personal injury law firm Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney was a guest speaker for the Summer 2012 Best We Can Be program at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE) High School in Stamford, Connecticut. Attorney Robinson spoke about her career and how technology has evolved regarding the law. She gave case examples regarding medical malpractice and other personal injury matters that resulted in the lack/misuse of technology. Her presentation was done entirely over the Internet to the students participating in the program. Dr. Teresa Piliouras of the Best We Can Be program was the facilitator.

The Best We Can Be is an online personal enrichment experience that is offered to high school students. The goal is to promote college and career readiness and to develop technology proficiency skills. Only ~25% of graduating high school students are college ready and will go on to receive a college degree. The program encourages students to see the connection between their education and career future and guides them to create realistic plans to achieve their life goals and objectives. The program provides online technology instruction and education to develop skills that are in high demand and are well-paying.

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