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What is a "standard of care" in medical treatment and surgery?

When Connecticut residents have suffered an injury or contract an illness due to medical malpractice, the last thing they usually want to worry about is the legal terms that could be a part of any potential lawsuit. They are worried about getting the correct treatment or surgery that they need. However, if a lawsuit is an option, many of our readers will encounter the term "standard of care." So, what is a "standard of care" when it comes to medical treatment and surgery?

What Connecticut residents need to know about elder abuse

When Connecticut residents hear the term elder abuse, they likely envision physical abuse against an elderly person. But, elder abuse can come in many other forms as well, particularly when an elderly person is a resident of a nursing home.

The danger of brain injuries in car accidents

The vast majority of car accidents that occur in Connecticut are so-called "fender-benders," resulting in damage to the vehicles involved but no injuries, or, at least no serious injuries. Unfortunately, there are some car accidents that are quite a bit more dangerous for the drivers and passengers involved. These serious car accidents result in catastrophic injuries, and the most dangerous of injuries is probably a brain injury.

One dead in recent Connecticut car crash

Fatal car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in America. Unfortunately, here in Connecticut we have our fair share of accidents, including those that lead to the death of a person involved. According to a recent report, that is exactly what happened in a collision that occurred on February 27.

One man shares his story and hopes to end distracted driving

There are many tragic stories of the impact that distracted driving is having on individuals and families throughout the country. It used to be that drunk drivers were the biggest threat to anyone on the roadways, but now distracted driving is commonly considered just as dangerous. And, like it or not, millions of people engage in distracted driving every day, including many Connecticut residents.

Considering your options after a premises liability incident

It is not that big of an expectation that when Connecticut residents leave their homes they should not have to be in fear of potential dangerous property conditions at the locations they visit. The owners of grocery stores, shopping malls, hotels and all manner of retail and commercial locations have an obligation to ensure that these locations are free from property conditions that could result in harm to the customers and visitors that they seek to have visit the locations to spend their money.

Car safety ratings: Who does the testing and how is it measured?

Whether it is new crash avoidance or active safety systems, can manufacturers spend significant time and money boasting about safety features and ratings. Advances in technology have made automated features such as emergency braking and lane-keeping assist possible. As distracted driving is on the rise, these features can be life saving. But have you ever wondered how the safety ratings are calculated?

What happens when nursing home residents receive antipsychotics?

There are many different types of medications that Americans use today. Some address physical health conditions, while others address mental health conditions. But, what happens if prescription medications are used in ways that weren't intended? According to a recent report, nursing homes throughout the country are using anti-psychotics to sedate residents, and they are doing it with disturbing frequency.

Exploring your options after a medical mistake

"Everyone makes mistakes" is a fairly common expression, but there are certain areas of life in which most Connecticut residents do not expect mistakes to be made. First and foremost is likely when they are receiving medical treatment.

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