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Car Accidents: August 2017 Archives

Driver flees from police, causing fatal crash

It isn't uncommon to see reports about a law enforcement car chase on the evening news. But, it isn't every day that such a car chase has deadly results. That was the case in a recent incident that many of our readers in Bridgeport may have already seen reports about.

The consequences of distracted driving

We should all be on the lookout for one of the most dangerous things on America's roadways: distracted drivers. With smartphones in almost every hand in America, it is easy to see how distracted driving has become a significant point of societal debate. But, every day there are hundreds of thousands of drivers who engage in this risky behavior. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that, on any given day, approximately 660,000 drivers are using an electronic device of some type while driving.

Victims can suffer serious injuries in car accidents

Many different types of car accidents can occur on the roadways in Connecticut. With distracted driving seemingly more common than ever, rear-end collisions are common type of car accidents these days. But, there are other types, such as rollover crashes, fender-benders, construction zone accidents and even head-on collisions. One thing that all of the different types of car accidents have in common is that the victims who are involved can suffer serious injuries as a result.

Over 20 people need medical treatment after recent car accident

So-called "fender benders" happen every day throughout Connecticut, but we all know that much more serious car crashes occur frequently as well. That was the case recently in Suffield, when a pickup truck reportedly collided with a bus that was transporting 20 people.

Car crosses centerline and strikes motorcycle in Connecticut

Most people know that in a collision involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, the odds aren't in the motorcyclist's favor when it comes to injuries. A motorcycle's small size and lack of safety features such as seat belts and airbags means that should a motorcyclist be involved in an accident, they are vulnerable to injuries. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle accident in Connecticut illustrated this concept all too well.

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