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Accidents involving pedestrians in Connecticut have grown – why?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Personal Injury |

The number of pedestrian accidents in Connecticut has been growing. As noted by News12 New York, a vehicle accident in Stamford sent a husband and wife crossing the street to the hospital in September with the wife’s condition listed as critical. The couple had the right of way and a “Walk” signal. Students from the University of Connecticut-Stamford said they were not surprised; they also came close to getting hit by vehicles at the intersection. Two other accidents involving pedestrians occurred at the same location earlier in the year.

Stamford alone had more than 50 accidents involving pedestrians by mid-September; two were fatal. As reported by, the number of pedestrian fatalities has doubled. Both 2021 and 2016 saw highs of 65 pedestrian deaths; the other years since 2016 each saw more than 50 statewide fatalities.

Factors fueling the increase in pedestrian accidents

Vehicles have grown heavier and larger; injuries are more likely to be serious. Vehicle speed also plays a role. When a vehicle traveling at 20 mph strikes a pedestrian, the individual has a 90% chance of surviving. When the speed doubles to 40 mph, the chance of survival becomes 10%.

Distracted and reckless drivers also contributed to the increase in pedestrian accidents. Streets that were not designed to accommodate a growing number of pedestrians add to the danger. 

What the future may hold

Although the Connecticut Department of Transportation is pushing for safer sidewalk areas, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is promoting electric vehicles. In addition to being eco-friendly, electric cars are heavier and accelerate faster.

Injured pedestrians may file legal actions to recover from the financial, physical and emotional harm caused by inattentive or speeding drivers. Demonstrating how the harm resulted from another individual’s carelessness could influence the success of the claim.



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