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When dogs bite: Two steps to take after a dog attacks a child

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Dog Bites |

Dog attacks happen. Although dogs often make wonderful family pets, we must keep in mind that they are animals. Even the sweetest pup can bite when threatened and, unfortunately, not all the dogs in our neighborhoods are sweet pups. In a recent example, a dog found its way onto a school playground during recess. It started chasing and attacking the children, severely injuring one and scratching two others. The severely injured child required medical care at the local hospital, the others were treated on the scene.

Whether an incident happens when playing outside like the example above or while visiting family or loved ones, navigating the situation is complicated. The parents will need to address the health of their child, both physical and mental as a dog bite attack can lead to more than just serious cuts — they can also cause psychological trauma. They also need to figure out who should pay the bills. Hospital bills are expensive, and cost should not keep parents from getting their child a counselor if needed to discuss their fears after the attack.

Connecticut state law holds the dog owner responsible for the costs that result from a dog attack. The law is generally favorable to the victims of these attacks. Parents can use the law to help get better control over the situation by taking these two steps.

#1: Gather evidence.

Try to get photos of the injuries after the attack as well as during the healing process. It can help to establish just how serious the attack was and better ensure a clear connection between the attack and the injuries. Also keep copies of a medical bills, prescription costs and related expenses.

#2: Speak to an attorney.

It is essential to speak to an attorney after a dog bite to understand your rights and how you can best protect your family. This is important, even if the dog owners are family members or friends. It may be in your best interest to file a lawsuit to try to get compensation for your injuries. Remember, the lawsuit is generally going to hold the dog owner’s insurance company accountable for the bills that result from the attack, not the dog owner themselves. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to get out of or shortchange payouts. An attorney can better ensure you get the compensation you are entitled.



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