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Symptoms of internal bleeding after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The trauma of a car accident can cause damage to blood vessels or organs that results in internal bleeding. According to WebMD, symptoms of traumatic internal bleeding are usually as obvious as they are serious.

Some symptoms of internal bleeding are systematic, meaning that they affect the whole body, or can occur anywhere the injury occurs. Other symptoms are specific to internal bleeding in certain areas.

Symptoms that are systemic or can occur anywhere in the body

Where there is internal bleeding, there may also be ecchymosis. Bleeding into the soft tissues or skin can cause a purplish discoloration that looks like a bruise and can cover a large area. Ecchymosis can occur anywhere in the body.

Wherever internal bleeding occurs in the body, it can result in a loss of blood. This can cause dizziness, fainting or light-headedness. Left untreated, loss of blood from internal bleeding can cause the body to go into hypovolemic shock.

Symptoms specific to internal bleeding in a particular area

A car accident is likely to cause internal bleeding in the head or abdomen. Internal bleeding in the brain can cause headache, loss of consciousness or seizures. Damage to the spleen or liver in particular is a common cause of internal bleeding in the abdomen. This can cause severe pain as well as swelling as the abdominal cavity fills up with blood. As the bleeding continues, the symptoms get worse. A fracture of the thighbone can cause internal bleeding of the leg, typically resulting in swelling and a feeling of tightness.

It is not only the loss of blood that is dangerous in a case of traumatic internal bleeding. The blood collecting in body cavities can put pressure on tissues and organs. Treating severe internal bleeding typically requires surgery.



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