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Fog, poor visibility and motor vehicle collisions

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Car Accidents |

From drunk drivers to chaotic traffic during rush hour, you could find yourself in the middle of a traffic accident for a number of reasons. In fact, many of these collisions take place as a result of poor visibility, such as foggy weather, smoke, dust and wind-driven snow. It is important to go over statistics on motor vehicle accidents due to low visibility and understand how this weather causes collisions.

Unfortunately, some drivers disregard traffic safety during inclement weather and periods of low visibility, such as those who speed or fail to focus on the road.

How does poor visibility cause traffic accidents?

The Federal Highway Administration states that poor visibility (such as foggy weather) leads to an increase in speed variance, which makes traffic accidents more likely. When drivers travel at different speeds, they have a higher chance of colliding, especially if they struggle to see other vehicles on the road. Poor visibility around sharp turns and steep hills is especially dangerous, and fog poses a risk on urban as well as rural roads.

How many accidents occur due to poor visibility?

According to the FHA, more than 38,700 motor vehicle collisions happen every year when it is foggy. Moreover, these accidents result in over 16,300 injuries and the loss of more than 600 lives. Sometimes, driver negligence also plays a role in fog-related accidents, and drivers who disregard traffic safety during periods of poor visibility must answer for the consequences of their behavior.

If you sustained an injury because of another driver’s carelessness, you need to stand up for your rights.



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