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Car accidents: What to do if you get in one on vacation

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2021 | Personal Injury |

An early estimate report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the number of traffic accident-related deaths in 2020 rose by around 7.2% from 2019. Automobile accidents are hardly uncommon, contributing to the vast amount of unintentional injuries that take place each year (labeled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a leading cause of death among Americans).

If you are on vacation you may be at a higher risk of becoming involved in a wreck simply because you are traveling a longer distance. If you do find yourself in a car accident, there are certain things you need to do.

1. Seek immediate medical attention

It is easy to underestimate the severity of your injuries, particularly if they are not visible or appear minor. However, internal complications and severe wounds that do not manifest symptoms until after a delay may be present. Head to the nearest emergency room for a checkup before continuing your fun to ensure they are not.

2. Contact the necessary people

Calling the police and reporting the incident is important. In many states, including Connecticut, it is also a legal requirement. You also need to reach out to your insurer as soon as possible.

3. Gather information

You need to document the scene and any property damage by taking photos. This may aid you in the future in dealings with your indemnifier or the other party if you need to start legal proceedings. You also need to exchange contact and insurance details with the other person involved in the wreck.

Dealing with a motor accident while vacationing is usually similar to handling one at home. Staying calm, receiving the appropriate medical aid, dialing 911 and acquiring needed facts are vital steps to take no matter where you are.



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