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Hidden dangers when you ride your bicycle

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Bicycles are a great way to get some exercise while using an eco-friendly transportation method, and people sometimes think it is a safer alternative to driving. Nevertheless, getting on a bike is bound to involve some risk of an accident.

You cannot always count on people to drive safely. Furthermore, some hazards are easy to forget about while you are riding. Even if you are an experienced cyclist, remain vigilant about bicycle safety.

Be careful when crossing parking lot entrances

Crossing the entrance of a parking lot can be just as dangerous as crossing an intersection. People turning out of a parking lot may not keep an eye out for bicycles, particularly if they are turning in the opposite direction that you are going. Drivers who are only watching for other vehicles are not likely to register the presence of a bicycle.

Remember that you may not hear every car coming your way

Bicycles generally do not have the benefit of a rearview mirror, so cyclists sometimes have to rely on their auditory senses to become aware of cars approaching them from behind. Many electric vehicles emit little or no sound, and their growing popularity could lead to an increase in motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles.

The safety precautions you hear about the most such as wearing a helmet or staying in a bike path are easy to follow. Becoming aware of subtle dangers in time to prevent an accident can be much more challenging. However, heightening your situational awareness may help you steer clear of a potentially serious accident on your bicycle.



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