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Who is liable for a dog bite injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Dog Bites, Personal Injury |

You may be delivering mail or a package as part of your job. Or you could be heading to visit a neighbor to catch up. Or even you and your child could be outside playing and suddenly the unthinkable happens: a dog viciously attacks you – or your kid.

In the attack, you suffer a serious dog bite, requiring 12 stitches and breaking one of the bones in your hand. Is anyone liable for helping to pay your injury costs?

Connecticut dog bite laws

Connecticut law holds a dog’s owner liable for injuries their dog causes. In fact, the victim doesn’t need to prove that the owner knew the dog was vicious or the owner was negligent in preventing the dog bite attack to receive compensation for their injuries.

The only way a dog’s owner isn’t responsible for covering bite injuries or damaged property from a dog attack is if:

  • The victim was tormenting, teasing or abusing the dog.
  • The dog is a member of a law enforcement official’s home and the dog is a working dog for a local, state or law enforcement entity.

What to do after a dog bite

If you suffer a serious dog bite, you should seek immediate medical attention. You want to stop any bleeding and get your wound properly cleaned and dressed. After getting proper medical attention and care, the next step is to evaluate your legal options.

You may be able to file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog for your injuries. A personal injury lawsuit will require documentation of your injuries as well as any other financial impact on your life. A personal injury attorney can help you evaluate your options to hold the owner responsible for your injury and pain and suffering.





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