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Drivers have developed speeding habits on emptier roads

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Recent incidents have led to a dramatic drop in traffic. With most people staying at home in recent months, roads and highways were freer than normal of most motorists.

People who were out driving, however, took advantage by speeding at unprecedented rates. With states now seeing individuals leaving the house more, speeders pose a danger to the public if they continue the dangerous habit.

Numbers detail a problem

States report many more vehicles caught speeding in recent weeks when there were fewer drivers on the road. Instead of driving 10 or 15 mph over the limit, drivers felt free to exceed 100 mph. The Governors Highway Safety Association said the problem was nationwide, including the northeast. New York City issued twice as many daily speeding tickets via automatic cameras as usual.

The consequences are in the statistics. For example, in New England, Massachusetts, car crash fatalities rose. In Rhode Island, pedestrian deaths were up. The increases in deaths occurred despite far fewer vehicles on the road.

In Connecticut, fatal car accidents increased by 40 percent between January and April this year, according to the UConn Transportation Safety Research Center. Statewide data also showed that motorists driving faster than 80 mph has doubled in Connecticut during the month of April compared to previous months.”

Addressing the problem

Traffic safety advocates do not believe speeding gets enough attention as a problem. They say part of the issue is that driving over the speed limit is acceptable to too many motorists.

With much of the country embarking on summer activities and being outside more, advocates worry about an increase in crashes. As a result, GHSA is partnering with other organizations to address the topic. Officials hope to create a national program to ensure traffic safety.

Solving your problem

Daily routines and practices have undergone some big changes. Drivers who thought it was OK to speed on empty roads must adjust again and halt their dangerous habits. You should not have to pay the price because a speeding driver caused an accident.



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