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How can I tell if a dog is about to bite?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Dog Bites |

There is little doubt that dog is man’s best friend, but there is always the possibility that a dog may bite. Even the most well-trained and typically friendly dog is still an animal and may be unpredictable.

Fortunately, there are usually multiple signs that a dog is about to bite. According to Petful, many times you can tell by the stance of the dog’s body that he or she is about to bite.

What will a dog who is about to bite look like?

A dog who is about to bite will typically look very stiff and tense. If the ears are short, the ears are usually back against the skull. Usually dogs who might bite will have their lips pursed tightly together and the tail tucked between the legs. This typically indicates a scared dog, and scared dogs are likely to act in self-defense.

Dogs who are about to bite may also look more puffed-up than stiff. If the ears are perking upright along with a raised tail, this likely indicates a dog that is trying to intimidate you. Again, if a dog looks like this it is liable to bite.

What will a dog who is about to bite sound like?

This is difficult as it largely depends on the dog. Many dogs who are about to bite let loose low warning growls, but some varieties of dog will make similar noises if they want to play. A good rule is to ensure that the owner of the dog is around if you would like to interact with it. The owner will likely be more familiar with the signals of the dog and let you know if the situation is dangerous.



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