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Benefits typically offered by workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Connecticut workers face many hurdles every day that can put their health at risk. In fact, workers may put themselves at risk without even realizing it. For example, repetitive stress injuries can affect anyone from any job. It only needs to involve repeated motion.

With how common injuries are, it makes sense that workers’ compensation matters are important. Today we will look at some of the benefits often covered by workers’ compensation.

What workers are at risk?

Workers’ compensation covers a wide gamut of potential injuries employees may face. This is why it includes temporary and permanent disability. A worker may injure themselves on the job in a way that disables them for weeks or months. Sometimes, the injury is severe enough to last years or indefinitely. In either of these scenarios, you will need support to continue affording medical costs. You also need to consider the cost of living without a steady income.

What benefits are offered?

Another benefit is medical care. This includes short and long term care. For example, medical care may refer to an ambulance ride or emergency surgery. It may also refer to occupational therapy, physical therapy and medication.

Speaking of, vocational rehabilitation is a benefit. You get a partial income like temporary disability benefits. This rehabilitation teaches you a new trade if you cannot continue your old work. An employer may replace vocational rehabilitation with modified or different work.

Do you want to read more about workers’ compensation? Are you curious about how workers’ compensation benefits work? If so, follow the link to our webpage. You can read more about workers’ compensation. This includes the type of injuries workers’ compensation covers and more.



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