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Bars that enable drunk drivers may pay the price

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Car Accidents |

There is a customer at the bar who has clearly drank too much. He or she shows obvious signs of intoxication, can barely speak without a telltale slur and insists on another drink. The bartender sees the signs but chooses to ignore them and provides the guest with another drink. Did this bartender show negligence? According to the Dram Shop Act, the bartender may be liable for any accidents that the guest gets into.

Connecticut is one state in which dram shop laws can hold a bar accountable for overserving its patrons. In Connecticut, those who serve alcohol have a responsibility not to overserve alcohol. The Dram Shop Act provides a means for those injured in car accidents with a drunk driver to take action against the vendor.

When the plaintiff makes this claim, he or she can only collect a maximum of 250,000 dollars. In order to establish a cause of action, the plaintiff has to prove that the vendor supplied alcohol to an intoxicated person who as a result of his or her intoxication hurt another person. If he or she can prove this, then the bar could be held liable in the case of a car accident.

Every motor vehicle accident has its own circumstances. When you file a claim against another driver, you have to consider all of the unique aspects of your case so that you can receive the best recovery possible. Bartenders, waitstaff and others who serve alcohol should take responsibility and refuse service to those who are already too intoxicated. Otherwise, they may be culpable in a drunk driving accident. For more information on car accidents, visit our webpage.



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