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Connecticut woman files a claim against Uber after sexual assault

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Uber and other ride share companies have grown in popularity over the last several years. What should be a safe ride for all can turn into a nightmare, however, for some Connecticut riders. It is a company’s obligation to provide a safe environment. Companies must take security measures to prevent criminal behavior to the best of the company’s ability.

It is one woman’s claim that Uber does not provide the appropriate security measures to prevent sexual assault against passengers. For those who face sexual assault face long-term suffering and distress as a result of the attack. When women call on an Uber, they expect to travel safely.

As the first lawsuit of its type in the state of Connecticut, the CT Post explains, a woman filed suit against Uber holding the company liable for sexual assault. She presents the claim that Uber advertises itself as a safe avenue for women but does nothing to warn its passengers of potential danger. Likewise, it fails to protect passengers. The lawsuit states that panic buttons or other devices installed in vehicles could potentially prevent an attack from occurring in the first place.

Throughout the country, sexual assault allegations against Uber drivers continue to come up. The woman’s lawyer states that Uber should do more to ensure that passengers are safe. Currently, there are no devices that could prevent an attack.

For those who suffer victimization at the hands of Uber drivers deserve to have legal recourse. A consultation with a personal injury lawyer may help victims learn the options available to them against Uber.



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