New PTSD benefits for certain first responders

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First responders in Connecticut often witness some of the most gruesome scenes. These may range from badly injured bodies in terrible accidents to deliberate acts of violence against another person. In most instances, first responders can compose themselves to get the job done. However, Tremont Sheldon P.C. has seen the toll this may have on people over time.

There are also some scenes that no sane person can unsee or simply put behind them. Lawmakers in Connecticut have spent seven years trying to address the aftermath of this problem. In the spring of 2019, the House gave final approval to a law that provides PTSD benefits to specific first responders through workers’ compensation. Yet, Connecticut Mirror reports that few people are happy with the bill. The problem is that the current bill only covers firefighters, police officers and some medical responders.

Lawmakers shared some of the most horrific scenes they or their family members witnessed on the job as first responders, as well as the effects these had on them afterward. They believe the bill should have done more and covered more professions. There seems to be some general consensus that the bill may see future expansions to cover the professionals who may not yet receive PTSD benefits when this law takes effect.

First responders work in increasingly stressful situations where they are expected to save lives and property. Some incidents are quickly forgotten and are just part of another day on the job, while others leave a lasting impression for all the wrong reasons. The good news is that many first responders may access the benefits provided by this new law. You may visit our webpage for more information.

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