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These are the most common driving distractions for teens

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2019 | Teenage Driving |

Teens heading back to school this year may number among those who are excited to finally be driving after having gotten their licenses over the summer. However, as teen drivers in Connecticut are more likely to get into auto accidents, it is important to emphasize caution. One way parents can help prepare their kids for the road is to make sure they are aware of the most common types of distracted driving in their age group.

Unnerving statistics

 There are many informational campaigns nowadays with the message that distracted driving is dangerous and potentially deadly, regardless of who is behind the wheel. Despite this, AAA reports that 94% of drivers ages 17-26 keep their cellphones on while driving. When asked about their cellphone usage while driving for the past 30 days, over 50% of teens admitted to reading a text or email while driving, and 70% admitted to talking on the phone while driving.

The most common distractions

The above information is particularly concerning in light of the fact that the most common distracting behavior among teen drivers is usage of electronic devices. But what are some other common distractions for teens?

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, teens are also commonly distracted by applying makeup, eating, changing the radio and peer passengers. For teens especially, peer passengers tend to be more likely to cause distractions.

One way that parents can help mitigate this is to make sure that their kids understand the importance of letting a driver concentrate, even when they are in the passenger seat. Parents of teen drivers may also want to limit the number of passengers their teens drive with.



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