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Driving tips for teens headed back to school

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Teenage Driving |

The summer season is winding down, which means schools are set to reopen across Connecticut. Teenagers who earned their license over the past few months may be eager to drive themselves to school rather than have to rely on their parents.

Drive Smart Georgia offers tips teenage drivers across the U.S. can put to good use. Hopefully, putting them to good use can keep young drivers safe while behind the wheel.

Avoid distractions

This one should go without saying, but certainly deserves a spot on the list. Teen drivers have to fully unplug from their devices while driving, devoting all their focus to the road and traffic conditions. Even talking to someone in the car, eating or drinking can lead to an accident. Both hands need to be on the steering wheel at all times, and both eyes need to be on the road at all times. Period.

Buckle up

New drivers need to get into the habit of buckling up the moment they get into the car. Over time, doing so becomes second nature. Additionally, teens should not put the vehicle in motion unless everyone in the car buckles in.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians

As pointed out by, teen drivers also need to learn to look for pedestrians, especially as they get closer to the school building. Just like motorists, pedestrians can become distracted and not pay attention to traffic.

Leave early

It is a good idea for drivers (no matter their age) to leave at least 10 minutes early. Morning traffic can lead to breaking the speed limit, road rage and other unsafe driving behaviors.

Teen drivers should pay attention to normal traffic activity on their school route. Knowing what to expect can help them avoid accidents and running late for school.



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