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Tips for avoiding wintertime car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Winter seems to have come early in Connecticut, and that means the roads can be slick with ice and snow over the next few months. Most people in Connecticut are experienced at driving in winter weather. However, it is important not to take chances when it comes to driving in the wintertime. The following tips may help drivers avoid causing car accidents this winter that could injure or kill other individuals.

First, one should avoid drowsy driving. This is good advice for any time of the year. Winter weather can present hazards on the road that a person must be able to react to. If a driver is fatigued they could fail to react to these hazards appropriately, causing a car crash.

Motorists also need to make sure their vehicles are well-maintained during the winter months. For example, they should make sure their tires have the right amount of air in them. A poorly inflated tire can make handling a vehicle difficult and should a driver in such situations hit a patch of ice or snow, they could spin out and collide with another vehicle.

Drivers taking long trips may be tempted to use cruise control. However, this could be dangerous if the roads are slick with ice or snow. A driver using cruise control may not be able to react quickly enough to road hazards, which could lead to a car accident. In addition, keep an eye on the weather, and if it looks like snow or ice is on its way, plan your trip accordingly so you can avoid driving in the winter weather. The fewer vehicles on the road when snow strikes, the fewer chances there are for motor vehicle accidents.

These are only some tips for avoiding wintertime car accidents. However, there will always be those who drive recklessly in winter weather, leading to auto accidents. When a motorist drives too fast for conditions, is drowsy, drunk, distracted or in any other way drives in a manner that is not safe under the circumstances, they may be held responsible if they cause a car crash. Those injured due to the actions of a negligent driver this winter will want to make sure they understand what their options are for pursuing compensation, so they can make decisions that are in their best interests.



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