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The different types of damages available to car accident victims

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

Car accident damages can be vitally important for injured victims and their families suffering from the physical, financial and emotional consequences of an unexpected car accident. There are several different types of damages that victims of a car accident may suffer and seek compensation for. A personal injury claim for damages can help victims recover compensation for the damages they have suffered when injured by a negligent driver in a car accident.

Compensation for medical expenses is a common category of damages for victims injured in a car accident to seek through a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, medical bills can pile up for car accident victims following an unexpected car accident and car accident victims may find that they need help with these damages. Victims of car accidents may require a variety of different types of medical care and treatment including physical or cognitive therapy; consultation with doctors and other health care professionals; ambulance services; medical accessories such as heating pads or crutches; and in-home services. Victims can also suffer disfigurement and permanent disability in a car accident.

Another type of damages victims of car accidents may suffer include lost wages and lost earning capacity. Damages for lost wages can also be sought by victims through a personal injury claim for damages. Additionally, pain and suffering damages and damages for loss of affection or companionship may also be available for the emotional damages victims of a car accident are also likely to suffer. Victims may experience emotional trauma which can also impact their relationships with loved ones. Personal injury damages are always specific to the circumstances which is why it is important to understand the types of damages available and how they apply to the victim’s situation.

Personal injury damages are an option for injured car accident victims to consider to both hold a negligent driver accountable for causing their car accident and to recover the compensation they need to meet the physical, financial and emotional challenges they face. As a result, victims should be familiar with the important legal options available to them.

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