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Fatal car accident leads to settlement for victim’s family

On Behalf of | May 22, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

A long and, no doubt, heartbreaking journey for a car accident victim’s family came to an end recently when, according to reports, the family reached a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit that was filed in Connecticut. The reports indicate that the lawsuit was based on a rear-end collision that occurred on Interstate 91 in 2016.

The car collision reportedly occurred when the driver of a SUV rear-ended a pickup truck. As the collision unfolded, the pickup truck slammed into a guardrail and then flipped over. The 42-year-old driver of the pickup truck died as a result. The SUV, which was owned by a non-profit entity, was driven by a woman who was an “acquaintance” of the director of the non-profit. That woman was arrested in the aftermath of this deadly collision when it was determined that she was under the influence of cocaine and heroin at the time of the crash.

The woman was subsequently set to face the consequences of her actions at a trial, but she reportedly died of a drug overdose right before the trial began. The non-profit entity and the family of the victim reached a settlement that will result in the family receiving $1.1 million.

Tragic accidents like this are all too common on the roads and highways of Connecticut. Fatal car accidents can deprive a family of a person who was relied upon for personal relationships and emotional and financial support. When a family loses a loved one in this type of tragedy, it is only right that the surviving family members should be able to pursue financial compensation through a civil lawsuit.

Source: Stamford Advocate, “$1.1M settlement reached over fatal highway crash,” April 7, 2018



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